Win32 Native Application with Qt Library

Can be used for sending and receiving of DWCamera.

The codec is the only SILK and WebM, is light.

Support virtual capture device.

For Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

For Windows(include Setup) Download 2012/4/29 Update!!

For Windows Download 2012/4/29 Update!!

Source code Download


Android Application

The codec is the only SILK and WebM.

Application name is DWCamera. Find it.

Please, See Android Market .

It describes the below.


Require  .NetFramework 2.0 - 3.5

For Windows Download 2011/06/17 Update!!


Require  WindowsMobile 5 or more

For WindowsMobile Download 2011/05/06 Update!!



Experimental software was developed.

This software is transfer super low latency video and audio in real time on UDP.

Transfer data is multiplexed using only one UDP port(5555).  RTP and streams in different ways.

I think use it for simple conferences and live video.

This software provides full IPv6 support.

I designed to be available in low-bandwidth transfer.


Codecs are used








H.264 is encoded with x264, and then decoded by ffmpeg.
WebM is encoded in libvpx, has been decoded by libvpx.
Win32 Native Application with Qt Library Edition
Features-only version of Qt, you can specify multiple destination addresses.
It is also able to record the final setting information.
Includes virtual capture device driver has the function of this application.
Generic applications available from capture device to use.


How to use Android Version
What can do
Images and voice taking by DWCamera, can be played Real-time on a PC or other android.
Software for Windows, it operates as a virtual Web camera. DWCamera can be used as a wireless camera on Windows.
By use this feature, it is also possible to construct a simple relay system.
And it will is able to like TV phone.
And it's through Twitter, you can tell IP address.
And it's also possible to do voice-only delivery.
Description of the software for Windows
Who are need the software for Windows, please download the following.
The software for Windows, because it comes with (capturedriver) virtual capture device, please set up. 
(How to set up, we have listed at the bottom.)
To set up a capture device for virtual video camera.
Run dwmedia.exe in Windows software, and sends video to Windows with DWCamera of Android. Please enter the IP address to the destination address of the transmission settings. 
How to determine the IP address of Windows,you can be confirmed use command 'ipconfig' from the command prompt.
To start the delivery of the camera by tapping the picture of DWCamera then.
Then, since that appears to RecieveChannel List, to display the image when you double-click.
By pressing the ON AIR button at the top of the video window, it will be used as the video camera.
After, you can see when you launch the applications that use the camera.
For example, when performing a "recording from web camera", the upload of YouTube, the video you are shooting in the android should be displayed.
Network method
Port number you are using, so only UDP 5555, if you want to transfer to the internal network routers, etc., in the setting of the router, please perform the settings that you want to transfer to a PC inside the 5555 protocol UDP.
Compression method
Video compression, we use the libvpx that WebM.
Voice compression, you are using the SILK.
Has a limit of 5 minutes delivery. That we charged you, to cancel delivery restrictions to hide the ads.
How to use
When you press the option button allows you to configure settings and receive transmission.
Send setting
Send Address   ... The destination address is the host name or IP address
Channel        ... And the corresponding receiver channel.
Bitrate        ... the figure is higher bit rate, image quality but increases the amount transferred.
Camera Resolution ... I think I may be equal to or slightly larger output resolution.
Out Resolution ... delivery. Since the encoder resolution is passed, you can handle the smaller faster.
FrameRate      ... The number of images to the frame rate per second update. The higher and smoother videos.
MTU            ... one transfer size. Large communication bandwidth (Wifi or 3G) If, by setting a larger number, you can deliver high-quality movies.
Video          ... video distribution.
Audio          ... voice delivery. Currently, because the instability, and the beta function.
Latency        ... Delay interval between the moment they are taken from the distribution network. If fast, low latency that can be transferred to poor transmission bandwidth efficiencies.
Redraw interval... Specifies the update interval in seconds for the video front. You can return to this interval is disturbed by the video. The shorter the harder disturbance, traffic will increase.
Receive setting
Video          ... By checking the incoming video.
Channel        ... Channel to receive.
Receive address list ... received the address list. Also, set the IP address here at informing Twitter.
Start and stop
By tapping the camera icon on the main screen, you repeatedly start and stop.
Twitter cooperation
In cooperation Twitter, you can contact a direct message to followers in their own IP address. This follower, you can send receive an IP address.
Twitter works, you can view by selecting the menu.
When you press the menu screen at work Twitter, get the address, send address, you can select the login.
Address acquisition, display the IP address received in the Twitter account.
Set the destination address by tapping the messages that are listed.
Address transmission, display a follower.
By tapping the followers that are listed for you to contact the IP address in a direct message.
Login, log in to the Twitter account.
How to set the driver to Windows
Administrator before work,or please be able to work in the administrative rights.
Please, Ignore in Setup Version.
Expand the appropriate folder where you downloaded the software.
There capturedriver in the folder, under which there are x86 and x64.
If 32BitOS, please run the install.exe on the x86.
If 64BitOS, please run the install.exe on the x64.
Uninstall, please run the uninstall.exe respectively.
That's it!
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