Let's drive a big truck to the goal.



  • Method of operation
    Control the car by moving the bars on the right and left sides of the screen up and down.
    The right bar is the accelerator.
    The left bar is the brake.
    The upper left R and D are the shift levers.
    D goes forward.
    R goes backwards.
  • the purpose
    Aim for a goal and keep moving forward
    When you reach the goal, the elapsed time is recorded and registered in the world ranking.
    Please log in to register for the world ranking.
    You can log in with the bottom right button on the title screen.

Have fun with it.



How to delete login information

When you touch the logged-in icon at the bottom right of the title screen, a dialog will be displayed.
If you select Delete, your login information will be deleted from the server.



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